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By: Tim Wheeler

A company’s supply chain is often overlooked as a key element to how they provide, or boost, customer satisfaction and improve the customer-centric model. The advantage of an improved supply chain is it not only improves the customer’s experience, but it also creates value for your business. Within a company’s supply chain a primary driver or buying experience for the customer is the Warehouse Management System (WMS). The WMS is often a customer’s only real insight into how their suppliers are managing their material or managing the material needed to conduct work on their behalf. The easier you make it for them to see this experience through the WMS, the better the overall experience for them.

Until recently, Danos relied on basic processes to manage our inventory/material. In many cases, we used our customer’s systems to reduce the need for business-to-business transfers and ensure that the system and data remained that of the customer. The path to finding a WMS for Danos was initially born from our internal need to better receive, store, track and issue our own material. However, in recent years the need to have our own internal system, versus using that of our customers, became critical for us to be able to offer a ‘full service’ supply chain solution.

In July this year, Justin Yates rolled out a test bed of our WMS at a customer’s Preservation and Maintenance Facility (PMF). This allowed Danos to trial our system in a real-time environment while improving our service model through improved material and inventory management. This test was very successful,     and in September, Justin expanded the WMS to cover parts of our Amelia operation. With the new system operational in Amelia, we look to expand its coverage, improve its automation capabilities and roll out the same system in Midland, Texas, before the end of the year.

Justin is working with Danos Purchasing Manager Michael Berger and his procurement group to link the WMS to our AX ordering system to provide real-time notifications of material receipt and in turn, improve our overall ordering process.

The continued utilization and improvement of our WMS will add to our customer-centric focus while allowing Danos to better manage our own internal systems and service delivery.

Tim Wheeler

Tim Wheeler serves as supply chain manager at Danos. His primary focus is on improving internal processes across the procurement, materials and logistics business units while also enhancing and building upon the supply chain services Danos offers. With over 23 years of experience in supply chain, logistics and operations management, Tim has grown Danos’ supply chain services group to support multiple clients while moving from a manpower-based service to a third-party logistics-based service.


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