FOCUS: Customer Centric


By: Paul Danos

Do you know what Customer Centric is yet?

Have you ever sat at a restaurant waiting for the server to come by…and it felt like forever before they finally did? We probably have all had this bad customer-service experience. Maybe you have experienced or heard about a story of someone at a restaurant ordering an item not on the menu and the server ran down the street to buy it from the local grocery store. This is exceptional customer service. Customer Centric is actually the next level. It is understanding and anticipating our customers’ needs before they ask.

It sounds like we need a crystal ball to do this well. A working crystal ball would certainly make it easier, but since we haven’t found one on the market yet, we have to come at it a different way. The secret to success in this area is in how we gather, analyze and act upon information from our customers. Our customers and potential new customers are constantly planning, adjusting, and making decisions about where they are going and what they are trying to accomplish. It is up to us to organize our company in a way that allows us to gather insights to their decision-making and direction, disseminate that information throughout Danos, and then move quickly to stay in sync with our customers.

Let me offer a practical example of how we do this. We have lots of different levels of folks at Danos (owners, senior managers, sales and business development, executive account managers, account managers, etc.) who spend time engaging directly with customers. We have been intentional about who, at each of those levels is engaging with the customer. We have a process, through Monday morning sales meetings, the use of our Customer Relationship Database (CRM), strategic planning meetings, etc., where we review and discuss the information we are gathering to make decisions about the direction of our business. Our Permian strategy, our joint venture with Petrofac, our project management systems, how we do employee development, changes to how we do billing, and many other strategies have been a direct result of this feedback from our customers.

I am hopeful that as the year progresses and we continue to think about these things that everyone will be aware of things in or related to your department that are happening because of our customer-centric focus.

Paul Danos

Paul is an executive vice president and oversees the company’s strategic planning, business development, sales, and marketing efforts. He is a third-generation owner and serves on the Danos board of directors and is chairman of Danos’s Equatorial Guinea joint venture.


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