FOCUS: Customer Centric


By: James Callahan

Late last year we began the processes of formulating our customer centric strategic initiative. Our managers are pursuing a strategy whereby we have changed our service delivery model and are utilizing multi-skilled employees. Thus far, we have had many people work across service lines and within other areas, such as safety. Our customers have praised our efforts to reduce their costs and to be more efficient. I commend our multi-talented employees for having done such a great job of living our values of improvement and service while delivering on the 2018 customer centric strategic initiative. By developing our employees, we provide superior service to our customers and better opportunities for our employees.

As we move into the back half of 2018, we will be more strategic in tracking employee training and competencies. This will allow us to continue meeting our customers’ demands and operate efficiently. We will grant our work groups access to this employee tracking data. Lastly, as we continue to examine our delivery options, we will explore other ways of delivering the services our customers demand.

Outside of leveraging our multi-skilled employees, we are looking at other creative ways to meet our customers’ needs before they ask. As such, we continue to look for strategic partnerships with our suppliers. We review what additional services we can self-perform for our customers, and we look for ways to leverage technology to improve efficiency in the delivery of our services. Our efforts to anticipate and meet our customers’ needs will continue beyond 2018.

In addition to evolving our service delivery models, we continue to pursue other high-priority projects within our customer centric strategic initiative. We have completed a joint venture with Petrofac and hope to land our first project before this year ends. Additionally, our customer relationship management project has proven successful; we have reviewed and added to our sales and business development resources. With these additional resources, we are better equipped to engage with our customers. The changes in our customer engagement will also allow us to better understand and anticipate our customers’ needs, thereby allowing us to be more CUSTOMER CENTRIC in our thinking!!

James Callahan

As vice president of project services, James provides strategic oversight and management of the company’s project management services line. He is responsible for successful operations of projects worldwide, providing integrated total project support for customers’ onshore and offshore activity. James is a graduate of Nicholls State University and holds a Masters of Business Administration and B.S. in Computer Science. He joined Danos in 2013.


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