FOCUS: Employee Development


By: Stacey Gisclair

Earlier this year, we discussed sustaining a transformational learning culture, with a focus on customer challenges, as a basis for planning employee development. The Pipeline will continue to feature communications highlighting “learning and growing” in the organization. As we learn and grow individually and as teams, we are making progress in solving customer challenges.

The progress on the competency model for Production Services positions us to further enhance our current practices of verifying competency in the workforce. As we set the Danos standard, we are able to apply the appropriate employee development necessary to create opportunities for employees.

The competency model has several modules with varying degrees of technical difficulty and depth which coincide with a path of progression. While the program includes computer based training, employees are also required to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities by doing a hands-on demonstration to prove competency.

As is the case with the production services competency model, the learning culture at Danos includes on-the-job experiences. As roles expand and employees take on challenging assignments, they experience employee development. By continuing to identify the many opportunities where employees are able to learn and grow, we can become even more intentional about fulfilling the company purpose to “Honor God. Develop great people to solve big challenges for our customers and communities.”

Stacey Gisclair

Vice President of Human Resources Stacey Gisclair has over 20 years of human resources experience in the oil and gas industry. She oversees the company, human resources and recruiting activities, and champions strategic efforts that support Danos high-performance culture.


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