Ford Motor Company Partner Recognition Program


By: Jay York

Danos is now enrolled in the Ford Motor Company's X-Plan Partner Recognition Program. This program provides exclusive savings on eligible Ford and Lincoln vehicles and is available to Danos employees, retirees and people within the same household.

X-Plan partner program benefits

  • Exclusive pricing - The plan price is established before customers visit the dealership, so they don't have to negotiate.
  • Exceptionally simple -The plan price is clearly marked on the vehicle invoice. The customer will simply ask for a copy of the invoice to confirm special pricing.
  • Great value - The plan price is marginally above dealer invoice price and is available in addition to most other publicly offered programs.

Who’s eligible?

  • Employees, retirees and people within the same household.
  • Business owners - Vehicles can be registered in a company’s name.

It's easy to use, so get started!

  1. Employees and and retirees can follow these simple steps to X-Plan savings:
  2. Visit and enter your Partner Code - XS721
  3. Click on "GENERATE MY PIN" and enter your information to receive your X-Plan PIN. Each employee, member or retiree is limited to 2 Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) per calendar year.
  4. Print your PIN certificate and bring it along when visiting a participating dealer (you will also receive an email confirmation of your PIN number).

For additional information

You are invited to frequently visit to fully take advantage of Ford’s Partner Program.

Jay York

Jay currently serves as asset manager. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in finance from Nicholls State University and has held many positions within Danos since joining in May of 2007.


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