From Sand Storms to Swamps


By: Lucas Comeaux

Customer from Kuwait gets swamp tour on first U.S. visit

The Instrumentation and Electrical Division’s control panel fabrication group successfully completed five hydraulic wellhead control systems which will be installed in Kuwait. A customer representative traveled from Kuwait to Carencro, Louisiana to participate in the factory acceptance test.

Weekly sand storms and 120 degree temperatures are common in Kuwait during this time of the year, so in order to provide Srinivas with a change of scenery, the team brought him on an Atchafalaya Basin swamp tour. This was his first time visiting the United States and he enjoyed his stay.

Lucas Comeaux

 As general manager of control systems, Lucas is responsible for leading the manufacturing and integration groups within the Automation Services business unit. He has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from ULL and an MBA from LSU Shreveport. Lucas began his career with API at an entry level position in 1995.


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