Fueling Success at Bristow


By: Travis Williams

Ground Support Supervisor Jimmie Morris stopped the job after determining the load of fuel he was about to receive from a Macro truck didn't pass inspection per the American Petroleum Institute gravity test. Once he notified the truck driver of the failed test, he retested the fuel a second and third time per protocol.

Once the fuel failed the test for the third time, Jimmie notified Bristow’s base manager that he was rejecting the load. The base manager backed Jimmie’s decision. His bias to action made its way up to Robert Old, director of operations, who praised Jimmie for his assertiveness.

Travis Williams

Account Manager Travis Williams has over 12 years in customer service and sales experience in the oil and gas industry. He began his career with Danos as a material coordinator at the BP PMF in 2013 and currently oversees BHP, Cantium, Enven, Talos and Renaissance accounts.


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