George Dupre is a Pleasure to Work With


By: The Pipeline

Power Generation/Electrical Services Technician George Dupre has been living Danos’ values. Recently, he submitted an excellent W.A.T.C.H card and also received a nice compliment from a coworker. George’s W.A.T.C.H. read:

“I was about to start the generator and noticed the guy helping me was no longer in the MCC with me. Instead of starting the unit, I decided to walk into the generator building and discovered the operator placing oil rags under the engine in an attempt to clean the skid.”

George stopped the job and explained that he needed to stay close. In this situation, the moving parts could cause accident or injury, or the loud noise could have caused damage to his ears.

On a separate occasion, SCADA Technician Brandon Dupuis submitted a card to compliment his coworker, saying, “Got to work with the Danos Electrician George Dupre on gas generators. His communication and work skill are very exceptional. Makes it a pleasure to work with him.”

George is an example of our high-performance culture through his bias to action, participation in coaching and by empowering teamwork. Thank you, George!


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