Get Fit


By: Mai Nguyen

For the last few weeks, a group of employees get together on a weekly basis and compete in our very own “Danos Cross Fit Challenge.” Production Services Operations Manager Michael Guidry, created this initiative build mental, physical, and collaborative dedication and efforts amongst team members. The weekly challenges are differentiated to help focus on different muscle groups and endurance abilities. The Danos Cross Fit Challenge connects to our High Performance Culture traits as we:

  • Empower teamwork by pairing up and compete against other coworkers.
  • Are passionate about winning to push through and challenge each other and ourselves for best timing.
  • Participate in coaching to not only coach ourselves but our team members to pull through and do well throughout each challenge.

With one more week of the Danos Cross Fit Challenge, we will soon see who will come out on top for this session’s challenge.

We challenge you all to GET FIT with Danos! Click here to show us how you stay fit at your work location

Mai Nguyen

Mai is a human resources specialist based at the headquarters office. Mai began her career at Danos in 2009 as a human resources administrative assistant and then spent some time as a recruiter. She has a BS in marketing and holds an MBA.


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