Getting to Know the Finalists: 2020 Dwain “Hog” Carrell Field Employee of the Year


By: Tish Hebert

Every year, Danos recognizes one field employee who lives our values and exhibits the Danos High-Performance Culture by honoring them with the Dwain "Hog" Carrell Field Employee of the Year award. Today, we celebrate the 2020 finalists by learning more about all the great things they are doing at Danos.

George Fuentes

George Fuentes is a fleet mechanic for Danos’ South Texas operations. He has over five years of service with Danos and has received five nominations this year for this award! Many people recognize the value George brings to Danos.

In his nomination of George, Account Manager David Short commented, “This employee has a focus on safety, cares about Danos and all employees, and deals with the mechanical end of the business in a very special form. He details the ongoing issues to management and the customer in a very professional setting."

When called upon to support fleet issues, he prioritizes his time as needed to get a plan in place that gets employees back on the job as quickly as possible. George stands ready to provide employees with help and support whether the fleet issue arises in South Texas, West Texas or beyond. He has provided cost-saving efficiencies and worked closely with management to get competitive prices and supplies from a reliable source.

Account Manager Pete Thompson added, “He has strong attention to detail in the work completed on our fleet vehicles. He also has an innate ability to coordinate logistics of fleet truck movements and parts acquisition that has made our team a success."

For George, safety is priority, and he carries this message to all employees working in the field during his daily travels. He often reports to morning meetings with a safety topic in hand or a reminder on road hazards. Thank you, George, for your service and commitment to Danos.

Jessi Fuselier

Jessi works as a land warehouseman at the LOOP, LLC Galliano, Louisiana, location and has been with Danos for three years. Those who nominated Jessi noted that she is “the glue when it comes to internal business between Danos and LOOP.” WOW!

Danos site supervisor Dwayne Matherne said, “She has exceeded every aspect of her job requirements. She always makes sure that every problem brought to her gets an answer. Even when working remotely from home for the past year, she has not missed a beat. She is definitely a leader and an extremely important asset to our team. The job tasks that she handles here at LOOP and for Danos stretch far beyond her job title. I appreciate everything she does and is very deserving of any acknowledgement of her efforts.”

The praises for Jessi do not stop there. Suzanne Miller of LOOP recognized Jessi as being an integral part of LOOP’s new Computer Maintenance Management System, Miller noted that Jessi has learned all the new processes and is helping to train other employees in using the system.

Miller added, “With recent COVID restrictions and forced at home working, she instituted invoicing/packing slip scanning to help aid in the processing of transactions. This allowed employees that were working from both the office and at home to continue working efficiently.”

Jessi puts safety first and is always active and engaged in LOOP’s monthly safety meetings. Thank you, Jessi, for your service and dedication to Danos.

Nicholas Martin

Nicholas Martin is a pipeline operator who has been with Danos for two years. In those two years he has made a great impression on both his supervisors and our customers. Nick believes in our safety culture and has a tremendous amount of pride in working for Danos.

In his nomination of Nick, Operations Manager Brian Gray said, “As a line finder, Nick has a lot of weight on his shoulders to keep folks who he may never meet safe. He has the confidence to use Stop Work Authority (SWA). Nick is a great representative of Danos, and he has a bright future.”

In a recent use of SWA, Nick came upon a crew digging in an area that he was scheduled to mark. He knew the area was not yet cleared. He stopped at the work site and informed the crew they must stop working because lines had not been able to be marked. There was a language barrier with the crew only speaking Spanish. Nick was able to get his wife on the phone, and she was able to relay to the crew in Spanish what Nick was trying to tell them. This is just one example of Nick going above and beyond in the name of safety.

Thank you, Nick, for standing behind the Danos Value of Safety. We appreciate your efforts to keep yourself and everyone else safe.

Mary Perez

Mary Perez is a Danos deepwater clerk working on a BP facility. She has 18 years of service with the company and is a two-time nominee and finalists for this award. Mary is well respected by her peers and gives the same respect to her coworkers no matter who the person is or the job title they may have.

In his nomination of Mary, Danos Operations Manager Matt Kelso said, “Mary embodies the Danos Purpose, Vision and Values. Mary is a highly respected teammate by not only Danos team members but also BP field leadership. Mary had a remarkable year in 2020 where she went above and beyond to assist the customer on numerous projects during the pandemic. Numerous praises were received from BP leadership regarding Mary's job performance and her commitment to excellence.”

Danos General Manager Mike Guidry added, “Not only has she helped others in logistics get where they are today through her mentoring, but she also has been a strong role model, a leader and an amazing friend to co-workers. She has shown what it takes to succeed and strive hard for what she has. She is the true definition of My Sister’s Keeper. She has been requested by name on several occasions, the first coming from Shell-URSA leadership, then BP-Holstein and now BP-Argos. She's the real deal when it comes to logistics.”

BP has recognized Mary many times, with the latest being in April of this year. The customer noted that she is a leader, is innovative and she “gets things done.” Thank you, Mary, for your service.

Cody Walden

Cody Walden works as a power generation and electrical service technician for Danos. Cody is a second-year nominee with his first nomination in 2019. Cody demonstrates the Danos High Performance culture trait of “Participates in Coaching” by constantly teaching the less experienced technicians in the shop and offshore. He promotes education of his peers by always taking the time to explain electrical theory and pass on any knowledge he can.

In his nomination of Cody, Operations Manager Bart Bergeron said, “Cody leads by example and goes beyond his job duties. He constantly seeks improvement and tries to better himself and his fellow employees. Cody is always there when we need him, and he promotes Danos’ Culture and Values with the customer, at the shop and in the field.”

Customers including Cox, Castex, Arena and LLOG often request Cody by name. He is the most highly recommended and requested power generation technician in our group. Arena awarded Danos all of their annuals on generators with the request that Cody complete them.

Another high-performance culture trait that Cody demonstrates is having a “bias to action.” He is known to say something when he sees anything of concern. He also participates regularly in our Behavioral Based Safety Management (BBSM) program and listens in often on our Wednesday safety call.

Thank you, Cody, for your dedication and service to Danos.

Congratulations to all finalists of Danos’ 2020 Field Employee of the Year award. Thank you for the many ways each of you are living out the Danos Purpose, Values and High-Performance Culture.

If you are new to Danos, you may not know Dwain “Hog” Carrel was a highly-respected Danos leader who was fatally struck by a car in 2008 while trying to remove unclaimed material in the middle of the road. He passed away doing with he loved – helping others. Dwain left behind a legacy of high performance and exceptional leadership, a legacy that will continue to live on through the recipients of this award named in his honor. You can read more here.


Tish Hebert

Tish Hebert joined Danos in 2019. She serves as executive assistant to the Danos executive team and owners. Tish has worked in the energy industry since 1998 and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from McNeese State University.


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