Giving Back


By: Thomas Jacobs

Danos continues to have a growing impact on the local communities in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea through its social work initiatives as it seeks to take its core values of Service and Improvement beyond the international business operations and into the local communities.

This year Danos was able to have a significant impact on one of the local schools, “Maravillas de Jesus”, by providing a safer and more sanitary environment for the 250 children that it takes care of on a daily basis. This was accomplished by making significant structural improvements to the shelter and providing much needed supplies. Danos made significant improvements to the roof, floors, and bathrooms, and also provided desks, school supplies, and much needed cleaning materials; even going so far as to provide each individual child with a new pair of Danos shirts and shorts shipped over from the U.S. We hope to continue to build upon our efforts in the future as we look to create long term, positive relationships with the local communities wherever our international operations take us!

Submitted by: Account Manager Thomas Jacobs

Thomas Jacobs

Account Manager


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