Goal Zero Hero Nominee


By: Nikolas Verret

Danos Pipefitter Ryan Pitre was recently recognized by a customer representative for his bias to action and empowering team work. He was nominated as a goal zero hero candidate, which is a program Shell uses to recognize and reward safe behavior and work practices. Ryan is one of two Danos safety champions on the Shell ST-300 platform. He has been assisting with abandoning the facility for nearly two years. The main work scopes he and the crew are working on include activities such as demoing of material and equipment, as well as, prepping the facility to be lifted by the heavy lift contractor.

Ryan used his stop work authority to stop a leadership member from entering a barricaded area. He had a discussion with that individual and explained why it was unsafe to enter for those not directly involved in the work area. The work site presented hazards such as pinch points, tripping hazards, and potential for eye injuries. Thanks Ryan for being proactive and keeping an eye out for others on the platform!

Here is what one of the Shell goal zero hero nominations had to say about Ryan Pitre: 

It is with distinct pleasure that I pen this nomination letter for Ryan Pitre. Ryan has been working on ST-300 for abandonment since September of 2015 and has proven to be a valuable asset to our team.

In his role as a fitter and Behavioral Observation Ownership Steering Team (BOOST) member, Ryan has a keen eye for identifying potential hazards on jobsites as well as hazards around the platform that others walk past every day. His knowledge of Shell’s standards is exceptional and if he is ever in doubt, he quickly seeks assistance.

Ryan interacts extremely well with leadership and workers. His approach is to teach safety and instill correct habits rather than enforcing the standards. By correcting habits and showing how to properly perform a task, he positively affects the workers here and anywhere they go.

Ryan also is quick to pick up on a change in behavior in the workforce and always seeks to find out what is going on. This shows he cares for the workers and is concerned for their wellbeing. As a result of his attitude toward his co-workers, his co-workers think very highly of him in return.

Thanks Ryan for being proactive and keeping an eye out for others on the platform!

Nikolas Verret

Nik started with Danos as a project scheduler in Amelia in support of the Shell Appomattox and Williams Gunflint projects. He transitioned into a project manager position in 2016. He has both his bachelor’s degree and MBA from Nicholls State.


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