Grade Your Grating


By: James Heney

The ‘Grade Your Grating’ initiative was born this year to bring an increased awareness to a constant industry hazard that can impact both offshore workers and land-based employees. Not only are Danos employees seeing an increase in questionable/faulty grating at some work locations, but the offshore industry as a whole is experiencing an increase in safety incidents directly related to faulty and/or corroded grating.

The goal of this initiative is to reach as many Danos employees and non-Danos employees as possible with hopes of preventing another faulty/corroded grating safety incident. In true Danos team fashion, safety personnel, account managers, project managers, personnel coordinators and operations personnel have all played a hand in disseminating this information. Crew changes, customer engagements and offshore safety meetings have been the target locations, with the intention of hanging the posters in public settings for unlimited viewing and familiarity.

We have received lots of positive feedback from employees and customers alike. We have also presented this information at many customer engagement events and have received rave reviews, followed by requests for copies and permission to use the idea and campaign posters.

You can view and download the campaign posters below.

James Heney

Jim joined Danos as a HSE superintendent on the JSM project in 2014. Jim is a former BSEE inspector and has worked for the USDOE on the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve and was on the US Air Force Inspector General's team as an inspector. He is a 24-year retired veteran of the US Air Force.


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