Grass is Greener


By: Travis Ridgel

Warehouseman Jason Grass recently took it upon himself to start a recycling program at the Shell Harvey Terminal. Many of the crates that come to Harvey contain packing peanuts which cannot be shipped offshore. In the past, they were just thrown away. This occasionally caused problems when high winds would blow them throughout the yard. 

Jason decided to contact a local shipping company who agreed to take the packing peanuts off our hands. He was able to stage trash cans around the terminal for others to put their peanuts in. 

Once everything was in place, he led a discussion during the next safety meeting about the program and how to recycle the peanuts. His Bias to Action has helped keep our yard clean while encouraging others to participate in helping the environment. 

Please join me in thanking Jason for continuing to make Danos a value added partner to Shell.

Travis Ridgel

Travis is the Harvey terminal lead for Shell. He joined Danos as a construction warehouseman in 2013. Travis received his Bachelor of Science from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2001 and his MBA from Columbia Southern University in 2015. In his spare time, Travis works as a leadership consultant for a national nonprofit.


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