Great Call from Nick Martin


By: Rene Vidrine

Pipeline Locator Nicholas (Nick) Martin made a great call and submitted a W.AT.C.H. card following his recent work at an Oxy location. See his watch card submission below:

Comments: Last Friday, May 14, I oversaw the safe dig-up and crossing of two Oxy assets. Prior to observing the crossing, I performed a final sweep of the work area, using radio detection to verify accurate marks and to identify any unmarked, buried assets. While performing this sweep, I clearly detected a line that had not yet been claimed, marked or hydrovacced. Although I knew this unidentified asset did not belong to Oxy, I did not feel comfortable with the crew digging up Oxy’s lines because of its proximity to the unclaimed/unmarked third party line.

I asked the operator to call in an emergency one-call or no response, so all companies could respond, hoping this would allow someone to claim and mark this line. But the operator was not patient and wished to finish prior to the weekend.

Intervention: To navigate this situation between the unidentified line and the impatient operator, I informed him that I would have to stop all work on Oxy’s crossings until this line was marked, claimed and hydrovaccedd. I justified this deduction by noting that the unclaimed line was within 12 feet of Oxy’s closest asset, meaning that the line is legally within Oxy’s right-of-way (ROW). Excavation within company ROW has to be overseen and approved by company personnel.

After standing my ground on this decision long enough, the operator called in a "no response," which led the owner to claim and mark the line. The line turned out to be an active asset and a lateral associated with a major trunk injection system (meaning it housed nearly 1000 PSI within the pipe and would have made a heck of a long day if it had been hit).

Thank you, Nick, for you Bias to Action and commitment to Safety!


Rene Vidrine

Rene joined Danos in 2006 as a safety specialist. In 2012, he was one of the employees leading the operational efforts in the Permian Basin. Because of these efforts, Rene was named 2015 staff employee of the year. He currently serves as executive account manager for Oxy.


Indy Rehal || 10-Jun-2021 01:10 PM
Awesome Job, Nick!

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