Gut Instinct Pays Off


By: Scott Soto

I want to take a moment to recognize Crane Operator Jonathan Perou for showing the true measure of following your gut instinct. Jonathan is currently assisting coatings services with a project for Shell Pipeline.

While unloading the boat according to the manifest, Jonathon was set to lift a box registered as weighing approximately 8,000 lbs. After giving the load a second look, Jonathan’s gut told him to stop the job and put the big block on for a heavier lift. After making the changes to the crane and completing the lift safely, the load registered at 22,000 lbs. instead of the 8,000 lbs. listed on the manifest.

Shell Representative Bobby Eagerton praised Jonathan for his bias to action. Jonathan’s instinct prevented and saved more than can be measured.

Kudos to Jonathan for his foresight to stop the job and get the right equipment in place.

Scott Soto

Scott Soto started at Danos in May 2013 as a coatings foreman. He has led several projects for Williams, American Midstream, Shell, and LOOP. He now serves as project manager within Coatings Services. He is also NACE II and OCAT certified.


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