Hand Audit at LOOP


By: Issac Dantin

Production Supervisor Matt Pere recently showed a bias to action in support of the Danos value of safety. Matt created an initiative for one of his teams to participate in and show their support for hand safety. Everyone across the company has been asked to focus on hand safety given the recent incidents that have occurred.

Jesse Curole, Maintenance Supervisor at LOOP in Clovelly, and his team took it upon themselves to not only work safely but also took an extra step in auditing each other while they worked. Both the LOOP maintenance and warehouse crews completed a Danos hand audit in their work environment. They discussed hand positioning and situational awareness. The audit forms were reviewed and approved by Matt and will be used to trend safe or at risk conditions. This exercise also increased awareness with LOOP operations and maintenance personnel. Thank you Matt and Jesse for leading this effort!

The crew that completed the audits consist of the following Danos team members:
Jesse Curole, Avery Dufrene, Chad Knobloch, Tommy Dufrene, Ross Galjour, Dewayne Ordone, Jacques Guidry, Cameron Lee, John Grover, Dwayne Matherne, Jessi Fuselier, Dwayne Billiot, Augie Autin and Jacob Mayberry.

Issac DantinIssac began his career at Danos in 1996 as a roustabout at the Leeville shorebase and worked his way to shorebase supervisor. He was named Field Employee of the Year in 2007 and was later hired on by Chevron. He returned to Danos in 2010 and currently serves as safety director.


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