Hand Safety


By: Toby Talbot

Recently, a Danos employee sustained a laceration on the right ring finger while transferring rags from one drum to another. The employee was attempting to consolidate for an upcoming job that called for an empty drum. In the process of grabbing the rags by hand, the metal portion of a double-pleated cork gasket cut through the employee’s mechanics gloves, resulting in a first aid medical evaluation. 

Please follow the tips below to help prevent a similar incident from occurring at your location.

Safety tips

  • Always consider alternate ways to perform a task to reduce exposure (dump drum into other)

  • Always consider the highest level of PPE when uncertain of all hazards (cut resistant gloves)

  • Never perform a routine task without conducting a Job Hazard Analysis.  

  • Always follow the hierarchy of controls when planning a task.

  • Always report incidents as soon as possible to Danos and customer management.

Toby Talbot

Toby joined Danos in 2014 as a safety technician supervisor for the hook up and commissioning of Chevron’s Jack St. Malo. As the project ended, he joined the safety staff as a production safety specialist. Prior to joining Danos, Toby worked as a production inspector for BSEE and served in the United States Navy.  


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