Hand Tool Hazard Hunt Winner


By: Nick LeBlanc

Congratulations to Travis Labat, a Danos team member working within our I&E group, for winning the Hand Tool Hazard Hunt. Travis, who is working on Shell’s Auger platform, turned in two personal hand tools that could no longer safely function the way they were intended to. Travis took it upon himself to remove these tools from service.

The first tool was wire strippers that had a bent handle and could no longer function properly. This tool could have not only potentially cause an injury but could have also damage the wire that they would be used to strip.

The second tool was a Phillips #2 screwdriver that was loaned to another work group and was returned to Travis damaged. The handle was damaged cosmetically, and it also sustained a crack from the inside where the shank is molded into it, affecting the integrity of the hand tool.

“Travis is very much a leader by making safety-conscious decisions in everything, thinking ‘What if?’” said I&E Superintendent Ryan Rivet. “He is also very involved with behavior-based safety management programs on Auger. This should attest for that. Not everyone is willing to discard their own tools, which takes money from their own pocket to replace, because of a slight detail in its function or just as a  precaution to what might happen. How many faulty tools are in your co-worker’s tool bag now just like these?”

Thank you, Travis, for your commitment to Danos’ value of safety. You've won 100 gold points! 


Nick LeBlanc

Nick LeBlanc serves as Danos’ HSE specialist for the Energy Systems Group since June 2017. He graduated from Nicholls State University with an Associates degree in Production and in Safety, in addition to a Bachelors of Science in Petroleum Engineering Technology and Safety Management. Nick was a member of the Colonels football team for four years, and he spent two years as a teacher and coach for a local high school prior to entering the oil and gas industry.


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