Hard Work Pays Off


By: Bounty Fontenot

Congratulations to a team of 27 dedicated hard-working individuals for Arena in the South Timbalier Deep field. In June of 2015, Arena acquired 18 platforms from Chevron. During the transition this group of individuals, along with some additional new personnel  being added to the equation, were able accomplish many things with a  number of different projects going on. 

At times Danos employees were working alongside  90 additional third-party contractors working tasks involving new platforms being set, construction and fabrication going on,  as well as the addition of a rig to the field to include SIMOPS. All of these personnel accomplished an astounding feat by managing to get through all of this resulting in no lost time accidents.  In the midst of all of these aforementioned  accomplishments, BSEE decided to set up camp during the month of December to bring in the new year spending a total of 3 months in the newly acquired field for a thorough inspection.  16 of those structures including 529 components were inspected resulting in zero INC’s. 

This is a great accomplishment by a fine group of hard working individuals whom are making Arena shine and making Danos proud.  Thank you for your dedication and commitment to operational excellence!
Bounty Fontenot
Danos Account Manager

Bounty Fontenot

Senior Account Manager Bounty Fontenot began his career at Danos in 2015.  He was previously the President of Oil Patch Solutions and has 23 years of combined experience in the areas of operations, account management, production operations and sales. He is currently overseeing the Arena accounts out of the Lafayette office.


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