Harvey Reaches 13 years without a Recordable


By: Scott Theriot

As of March 26, 2017, Shell Harvey Terminal reached 13 years of operations without a recordable. This group really takes pride in continuing to operate safely. Whether it’s a customer, co-worker or upper management walking through the yard, this group will not hesitate to stop a job to ensure that everyone is working safely and has on the proper PPE. Their dedication and focus on safety is second to none and continues to show true as they focus on one task at a time.

Back row from left to right: Gerald Bryant, Denise Dempsey, Jason Grass, Clyde Ford,
Sean Burke, 
and Willie Calix.

Front row: Joe Robichaux and Jewel Vegas.

Scott Theriot

Scott started with Danos in the fabrication shop in 2003, was promoted to personnel coordinator in 2008, and became a account manager in 2010. As an account manager, he led his account to over 6 years with no recordable incidents. Now, as an operations manager, he is helping Danos evolve in the area of materials management to keep us at the forefront of providers for our customers. Scott was also selected as 2016 Employee of the Year.


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