Harvey Terminal Reaches 11 Year Goal Zero


By: Scott Theriot

On Thursday, March 26, our team at Harvey Terminal reached 11 years with no recordables. With over 20 Danos employees running the Harvey terminal on any given day, this is a huge accomplishment. Not only do these guy and gals look out for each other and ensure that they are all working safe, but if someone new shows up, they instill the safety culture of Danos and Shell into that person and makes sure that they understand what is expected of them.

Brandon Johnson and Travis Ridgel do a great job of researching various safety topics in preparation to lead the morning safety meetings. This group is also one of our biggest groups that call into the Wednesday morning safety call in on a regular basis. Congratulations on this huge accomplishment!

Submitted by Senior Account Manager Scott Theriot

Pictured Below: Brandon Johnson, Travis Ridgel, Anthony Washington, Keri Richardson, Scott Heard, Jason Grass, Sean Burke, Lucy Barient, Yvette Sanchez, Tracey Cortez, Denise Dempsey, James Monoghan, James Fontenot as well as many others that work at Harvey throughout the year.

Scott Theriot

Scott started with Danos in the fabrication shop in 2003, was promoted to personnel coordinator in 2008, and became a account manager in 2010. As an account manager, he led his account to over 6 years with no recordable incidents. Now, as an operations manager, he is helping Danos evolve in the area of materials management to keep us at the forefront of providers for our customers. Scott was also selected as 2016 Employee of the Year.


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