Hazard Found During Routine Walk-Around


By: Thomas Rougeau

Prior to loading a boat, Forklift Operator/Rigger Brandon Cheramie was performing the equipment check walk-around portion of his JSEA when he started smelling gas fumes. He used his stop work authority and got his foreman, Maurice Arceneaux, involved. Maurice and Brandon checked all the equipment and found a bottle that was leaking gas. They removed the cap and tried to tighten the valve to stop the leak. When they found that the valve was faulty, they moved the bottle rack to a safe area and contacted the customer for further evaluation. This scenario is exactly why JSEAs were created; to identify and mitigate risk. Way to go you two!

Thomas Rougeau

Thomas Rougeau began his career at the Chevron Venice Base in 1984 as a roustabout and worked his way to shorebase supervisor. He was named field employee of the year in 2003. His current role at Danos is senior account manager. Thomas is also a charter captain who enjoys fishing the Delta.


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