Headquarters Update


By: Brittney St. Pierre

Huddle Up!

Danos’ new corporate headquarters will have several office spaces called “Huddle Rooms.” Huddle rooms are basically empty offices that anyone can use for many different reasons. These offices will have the same furniture as a normal office, but it will be open for anyone to use. They can be booked in advance or available to “drop into.” You can occupy these offices to collaborate with a co-worker on a project, make private phone calls or have private conversations or meetings.

In addition to the huddle rooms, there will be several phone rooms on each floor of the office building. The phone rooms can be used for private calls with customers or conference calls that cannot be handled at an individual work station. With the availability of these rooms, everyone will have the opportunity to work in a private area when necessary.

Submitted by Bidding and Estimating Analyst Brittney St. Pierre


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Brittney St. Pierre

Brittney began her career at Danos in 2012 as an intern in the Hiring Department. She is currently the commercial analyst for production services. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from LSU and an MBA from Nicholls State University.


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