Headquarters Update - Not your Grandma's Cubicle


By: Brittney St. Pierre

Understanding Open Workspaces


The buzz around the office seems to be the open workspace design at our new corporate headquarters. Not only is the open workspace functional, it encourages collaboration, creativity, innovation and high performance. (a trait we're particularly fond of!). It's important to note this is not your grandma’s cubicle! Our new HQ workstation space is 56 square-feet, and the desk top space within each workstation is 22 square-feet.

Studies show that open workspaces at top performing companies provide for four different types of work modes: socialization, focus, collaboration and learning. The openness of the work area allows coworkers to spend more time collaborating and learning as compared to the average company with traditional offices. Also, as a result of the many collaborative work areas, the speed of decision making is greatly increased.

Plans are in motion to set up a replica workstation in our Larose office in the upcoming weeks. Employees will be able to see exactly what the new HQ workspace will look like and we will all get a feel for our soon-to-be new work area! Ready, set, collaborate!

While our workspaces won't look exactly like this, take a look at these....

9 cool open workspace designs. Be sure to click on the "full tour here" photos.

Brittney St. Pierre

Brittney began her career at Danos in 2012 as an intern in the Hiring Department. She is currently the commercial analyst for production services. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from LSU and an MBA from Nicholls State University.


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