Herculean Effort at BP PMF


By: Mark Doiron

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the staff at BP’s Preservation Maintenance Facility (PMF) in Schriever, LA, has been divided into two groups which work seven days on and seven days off. Essentially, the team is working half-staffed each week

Recently, our team at the PMF received a huge task of scrapping material - over 600 lines long containing over 4,300 pieces of equipment. Our goal was to complete this by the end of September, so the team was up against time, hurricane delays and evacuations.

The two teams, the Blue team and the Green team, worked together on opposite rotations to pull all the materials from the warehouse. When all was said and done, the PMF teams were faced with over 650 crates and about 20 pallets of wrapped materials that had to be scrapped. Prior to disposal, each piece had to be removed from its crate or unwrapped from its pallet.

Danos Team Lead Mark Doiron stated, “When I saw the total amount of materials quarantined for scrap, I never would have thought that we could get all of this done. We are working with half our original staff and dealing with hurricanes and other inclement weather that would seemingly slow us down. Some team members took on additional duties, so we could dedicate more resources to the task. Both the Green and Blue teams worked separately with a common goal to get the job done, and they completed it a full week ahead of schedule. We scrapped a total of 160 yards of iron and 120 yards of wood. I am so proud of the Danos crew here at the PMF. This was truly a Herculean effort.”








Below: Materials in the dumpsters. The team scrapped 160 yards of iron.







Area Completed:

Mark DoironMark Doiron, a 2015 Field Employee of the Year winner, is currently the operations lead and site lifting coordinator at the BP PMF in Schriever, LA. Since joining Danos in 2009, he has been an active leader and mentor to other employees, especially on matters of safety and best practices for lifting and rigging. Prior to joining Danos, he was a road service tech and a facility maintenance manager for over twenty years.


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