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These are the recent stories of our employees that exceed expectations by providing customer satisfaction, paying attention to their surroundings, empowering teamwork, and having a passion for winning.

Customer Satisfaction

Recently Marc Distefano (left) recognized two Amelia supervisors for their contributions to recent projects.

Jerry Hendricks Sr. (middle) was recognized for going above and beyond when Frames and Shell moved the schedule up a week. Jerry Sr. and his crew were asked to complete the pressure washing and final touch-up scope that was originally slated for 7-10 days in 3 1/2 days. The crew even came out Saturday morning to finish washing the top of the tanks in order to ensure a flawless delivery.

Leo Unbehagen (right) also went above and beyond. On Frames, Leo led the skid assembly. Leo’s leadership was significant due to lacking installation details. Without Leo’s guidance and proactive approach, we would have likely not made schedule. On Williams Markham, Leo led the pipe fab effort very well due to the tight two-week time frame. Leo also recently became a Danos Safety Champion!

Customer Appreciation

Oxy Production Tech Ruben Gonzales had nothing but good things to say about the two danos employees assisting him in the Permian Basin.

Rene (Vidrine),

I just wanted to let you know about the great job your guys are doing out here. I have been tasking Mathew Thomas and Jacob Alexander on line locating, spotting, and marking for us.

I cannot brag enough on these two gentlemen. Their professionalism shows in everything that they do. Not once have I ever heard them complain about anything. These two men take pride in their jobs and in everything that they do to assist me. 

Thank you and the Danos family for everything that you do.


Ruben Gonzales
Production One Call Tech

Paying Attention to Surroundings

Chris Szafarcyk, warehouse lead on the BP Nakika platform, noticed an oil trough was not draining properly. He immediately notified the Measurement Department who came to investigate. The trough was clogged. Chris assisted with the unclogging and cleaning the equipment. We discuss often in our team meetings the importance of paying attention to our surroundings we should look for situations that can effect anyone and bring it to appropriate group’s attention when we see things out of the ordinary. I congratulate Chris on an observation well done and his Bias to Action by following the 3 F's of BP: Follow The Rules, Finish What We Start, and Follow Up. Good Job Chris.

Empowering Teamwork

SBM Stones Maintenance Superintendent Mick Bulmer recently commended Danos Mechanic Supervisor Alan Thomas on his promotion into a leadership role. Mick states "I would like to take the opportunity to apprise you of Alan Thomas’s progress in the role of mechanical supervisor on board FPSO Turritella. Since Alan’s promotion in August, he has proved to be an exceptional choice for the position. Despite having to learn all that is required of this role, while running the topside mechanical team, he has remained calm and consistent. He is always keeping people informed and is willing to ask for advice. He has a natural and easy leadership style with his staff, which has forged the technicians working with him into an efficient, cohesive unit. I cannot commend Alan too highly for the work he has done on board this vessel. He is truly an asset to both Turritella and Danos. I look forward to continuing working with Alan in the future." Alan should be credited for fulfilling our values and exemplifying our High Performance Culture trait of Empowering Teamwork. Way to go Alan!

Passionate about Winning

Blaster Painter Foreman Charles Kelly has been proving himself every day to be a great asset to both Danos and his customer Kinetica. He has a strong Passion for Winning and has stayed on the GRIND to bring in as much of Kinetica's work as possible. He visits numerous job sites a week to provide Kinetica with budgeting feedback for future projects and checking in on current crew activities to ensure safety, quality, and schedule are being met. For November/December, he closed over 250K of work at different work sites within Kinetica to finish out the year.

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