Hollywood came to Danos


By: Nicole Williams

Last week you may have walked around a few cameras and lights at the office. Danos is working on a few recruiting and corporate videos to promote the company. When done, they will live on our YouTube Channel and be promoted through web ads, promotions and available for sharing through a variety of social media outlets. Shooting quality video takes a tremendous amount of time, effort and equipment. Not many people enjoy being in front of the camera, but when it comes to being passionate about working at Danos...the game changes. Thank you to those who said "yes" to starring in these videos and sharing your story. Shout out and HUGE thanks to the Fabrication Shop for your patience and care for the camera crew while in your domain. More to come in the near future... Top photo: Ryan Davis, Coatings Project Manager filming in the Larose Fab Shop.

Issac Dantin, Safety Manager in the spotlight.

Laura Miller, Project Manager under the gun.

Nicole Williams

External Communication Coordinator Nicole Williams joined Danos in 2008. She manages external communications associated with the Danos brand along with customer events. She is a graduate of Northwestern State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in advertising design and a minor in marketing.


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