HOS Port Celebrates Nine Years Incident-Free


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HOS Port recently celebrated the milestone of nine years without a recordable incident. Within this time frame, an average of 22 personnel worked 24/7 for 365 days per year logging 422,000 man-hours. At one of the two celebratory lunches, one customer shared that it was a pleasure to work with such a tight-knit group that cares about each other tremendously.

Danos Account Manager Thomas Rougeau also appreciates the hard-working group at HOS Port. He said, "This is a very diverse group with a strong safety culture that believes in the purpose and vision of Danos. They also go to great lengths to ensure that the customer is satisfied. It is a pleasure to work with individuals that perform at such a high-level and who continuously look for improvements in everything they do."

Back row from left: Danos Lead Forklift Operator Osbia Taylor, Danos Base Coordinator Danny Griffin, Danos Crew Foreman Rollen Prout, Danos Base Coordinator Greg Lamulle, Danos Crane Operator Dallas Hunter, Danos Cleaning Crew Member Terryl Milligan, Danos Maintenance L.J. Falgout, Danos Forklift Operator Christian Prejean, Danos Crew Foreman Richard Matherne, Danos Crane Operator Cornel Matherne and Danos Rigger Daniel Morrison.

Front row from left: Danos Account Manager Thomas Rougeau, Danos Shorebase Safety Specialist Kent Bourg and Danos Recruiter Marty Savoie.

From left: Danos Account Manager Thomas Rougeau, Yard Supervisor Dennis Bonvillian, Danos Crane Operator Lewis Johns, Danos Forklift Operator Stephen Afeman, Danos Crew Foreman Joshua Trahan, Danos Rigger Nigel Nash, Danos Cleaning Crew Member Terry Milligan, Danos Lead Forklift Operator Ronald Edmones, Danos Rigger Mitchell Hebert, Danos Maintenance L.J. Falgout, Base Supervisor Jared Manuel and Base Manager Aaron Gaspard.

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