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Houma Tank Expansion Project


By: Charlie Miller

In June of 2018, Shell Pipeline began work on the Houma Tank Expansion Project, which involved the installation of two 250,000-barrel crude oil storage tanks. These tanks were built from the ground – up and construction required several contractors – civil, tank builders, piping, blasters, painters and electrical. Danos was tasked with handling the instrumentation and electrical portion of this project, including powering the Motor Control Center (MCC), providing power to field motors, Motor Operated Valves (MOV), area lighting, tank lighting, tubing and instruments. Our team also set MOV limits switches and assisted with commissioning and start-up.

This project came with varying degrees of adversity and difficulties, and our ability to overcome them was paramount to the project’s success. Most of the construction took place during south Louisiana’s rainy season, so we had to continually pump out water to keep working areas open. Due to a high amount of traffic in such a small area, extra safety precautions and Hi-Visibility vests were required. Our team also ran into a problem when installing 45-degree conduits to a duct bank. We were unable to turn the 45-degree bends onto the existing conduits unless we utilized some type of fitting that was also acceptable for underground installation. Several types of fittings were discussed between Danos leaders and the Shell Pipeline project team. Ultimately our supplier, Mayer Electrical contacted a manufacturer and presented them with our challenge. We received a new PVC-coated quick-connect fitting that was rated for underground use. In fact, Danos is the first in the industry to use this new type of fitting!

I would like to thank our Electricians Ryan Simar, Renard Nelson and David Dupre, Electrician Helpers Brandon Metrijean, Rory Glancey, Craig Legendre and Galvin Manuel, Pneumatic Tech Jerry Picket and Business Safety Representative Nick Leblanc. This team rose to meet these challenges and got the work done safely and efficiently!


Charlie Miller

I&E Project manager with over 30 years of industry experience including electrical, pneumatic, instrumentation, high voltage systems and project management.


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