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By: James Callahan

Over the course of the last two years, we have selected, implemented and improved various parts of Danos’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.  Many people worked tirelessly throughout the process, which included working towards converting API over to the Danos ERP system.  API has converted to ADP, AX and EMS as of January 1 to offer seamless integration of all of our services on a common platform.  This means that invoicing and approval processes will be the same for all of our service lines including automation.  API is converting as a separate company for now which has added to the complexity of the cut over, but the team was up to the challenge. 

We often talk about our high performance culture (HPC), and I want to salute the team working on the ERP conversion as being on the forefront of living our high performance culture.  The team has been open to change at every point to improve our overall processes and they have been very passionate about being successful with the conversion.  Many members have displayed a bias to action to take ownership of a positive outcome, while all the time being willing to challenge and debate one another.  Additionally, the team has had honest exchanges of feedback as they collaborated for the best results.

The core team consists of the following members: Aaron Rodrigue, Beaux Caro, Bryan Chiasson, Clark Autin, Cody Romero, Felix Dominique, Heather Courvell, Jamie Robichaux, Josh Gros, Larry Fonseca, Laura Miller, Kayla Ledet, Liz Baudoin, Melissa Adams, Mike Berger, Mike Schwertz, Mindy Menard, Randy Bourgeois, Scott Friedlander, Sonny Orgeron, and Steve Radatovich, Melani Boudreaux, and Anita Fuselier.

The core team has also been supported by many others, and I want to thank them as well.

As everyone probably knows, the work of implementing a new system did not stop with the conversion on January 1, but I would ask that you join me to salute the professionalism and efforts of all of those who are making our system improvements possible by exhibiting our high performance culture and living our values. 

James Callahan

As vice president of operations, James will provide strategic oversight and management of the company’s project and production services. He is charged with the successful operations of projects and production activity worldwide, communicating with customers, ensuring quality work and adherence to safety policies, and estimating costs and managing financial and budget activities. James is a graduate of Nicholls State University and holds a Masters of Business Administration and B.S. in Computer Science. He joined Danos in 2013.


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