I&E Provides Service to Eni


By: Chris Baudoin

Earlier this year, Eni Project Engineer Manuel Lopez expressed issues he was seeing with a hydraulic power unit (HPU) for a subsea well on MC365A. The HPU was malfunctioning, starting and stopping every five minutes.

Lew Bowen and Justin Hughes, two Danos I&E technicians, were sent offshore to troubleshoot this issue. They found that the operating hydraulic control supply pressures (which open and close valves) were set higher than the pressure relief valve (PSV) settings, (which prevents over pressurizing). Typically, when this happens, the hydraulics circulate back to the reservoir, causing the pump to continuously run.

While the two were on this call out, Manuel also had them perform a complete testing and survey of the HPU. They documented and reported their findings back to Manuel. Danos provided Eni with a list of materials needed to repair the components so that the HPU would operate efficiently. Danos later performed this work during a scheduled facility shutdown to implement several of the platform’s needs. 

Manuel and the Eni crew praised the work that Lew and Justin performed during the shut-in. Great job for your commitment to customer service and operational excellence!

Chris Baudoin

Project Manager Chris Baudoin has over 30 years of oil and gas experience. He joined Danos in 2014 as project manager and estimator for the I&E and Energy Services team.


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