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Danos teams aboard three production facilities within the Gulf of Mexico were recognized by customers for ensuring their facilities had zero issues of non-compliance (INC) throughout recent BSEE inspections of a combined total of 800+ components.

Production Operators Taylor Stanford, Joshua McCoy, Robert Ledet Jr., Gary Deville and Christopher Bennett working at Ship Shoal 207 went INC-free on 288 components on four structures associated with their complex. Three of the four structures are out in the field and not connected to the main structure, so there are numerous hours spent ensuring these structures are inspection-ready.

Additionally, Danos Production Operators Bobby Allen, Hugh Garnett, Joseph Badeaux and Zachary Blanchard working at the Ship Shoal 182 complex recently recorded an INC-free BSEE annual inspection that encompassed 180 components spread across three large structures.

Lastly, 15 Danos employees working on the Holstein deepwater facility recently completed an INC-free BSEE inspection with 335 components tested. The employees involved in this inspection were Ben McElroy, Cody Hebert, Daniel Cheatwood, Eric Mueller, James Fontenot, Jared Jones, Jason Guillory, Jason Norris, Jeremy Romero, Kenny Shoemaker, Lyndale Ryland, Mike Ward, Tim McCall, Todd Hicks and Tricia Fruge.

Our industry is constantly evolving and changing with new and revised regulation making it challenging to remain compliant. The Danos employees involved in these inspections continue to make compliance a priority aboard our customer’s facilities.

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