INC Free with BSEE


By: Ryan Trahan

Recently, BSEE performed an annual inspection on South Marsh Island 128 C. According to the customer, Danos Production Operators Blake Rhodus and Hampton Campbell played a huge part in making sure the 137 components inspected were in compliance. This resulted in an inc. free inspection.

The customer said, “A big reason for our successful inspection is the dedication, diligence, teamwork and hard work displayed by Hampton Campbell and Blake Rhodus, both whom work for Danos.” Great job guys!

Oil and Gas 101 - INCs are violations of federal regulations that are observed by a BSEE inspector and issued to an operator. Each INC has a specific resulting action and requires a corrective action by the operator receiving the INC.

Ryan Trahan

Ryan Trahan has over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, most of which has been as a production operator for Stone Energy and Freeport McMoRan. He has been with Danos for 9 months and manages a portion of the Fieldwood account for Production Services.


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