International Customer Compliments Fabrication


By: Danny Johns

Danos International Sales Representative Danny Johns recently followed up with the Mobil Equatorial Guinea Inc. (MEGI) representative in charge of the installation of the water injection system Danos’ Amelia Integrated Services Complex recently fabricated and delivered. A while back, this MEGI representative said he would reserve judgment of our fabrication work until the installation was underway.

As of Nov. 17, the installation is going smooth and the MEGI reps. overall impression is that Danos is a high-quality fabricator. When speaking about the project, he said that one inspector couldn’t tell whether the welds had been done by one welder or a few because of the uniformity of the welds. He noted that the way all items were packed for shipping was of a superior standard. He ended by saying that everything is lining up and fitting together really well because the AISC team’s dimensions being spot on.

I would like to commend Eric Hood and his team at the Amelia Integrated Services Complex for their quality work. This is the best place any sales and business development representative could be in — sell a job and then the quality of the completed work speaks for and sells itself.

Danny Johns

Danny joined Danos in 2009 as an international recruiting and resource manager. He then transferred over to business development to develop opportunities for Danos within West Africa. He currently looks after Danos' interests in Equatorial Guinea and also spends time in the United Kingdom to continue advancing opportunities within West Africa.


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