JSEA March Madness


By: Clay Carter

Who says evaluating JSEAs can’t be fun? The coatings group shook things up when they created a March Madness-style tournament from their crew’s JSEAs. Each crew started with a score of 100 and received point deductions if there was an issue within their JSEA. The grading mechanism followed the internal JSEA audit process. Project managers performed the JSEA audits in the first few rounds. In the later rounds, the JSEAs were evaluated by safety specialist and operations managers.

There was some really good competition between each crew, but the Shell Mars crew was eventually crowned the March Madness JSEA champion. Thanks to all of the foremen for putting extra effort and thought into your JSEAs daily. Keep up the good work because who knows when the next tournament will pop up.

Clay Carter

Clay joined Danos as a coatings project manager in 2013 after serving 6 years in the United States Navy. He now serves as operations manager for Coatings Services. He holds a bachelor's degree in history from the United States Naval Academy and is a certified project management professional through the Project Management Institute.


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