Kane Hisaw Minimizes Storm Damage


By: Clay Daugherty

Thank you to Scaffold Superintendent Kane Hisaw for his outstanding W.A.T.C.H. card participation and his noted intervention. His W.A.T.C.H. card stated:

“Currently we have a high workload, and we have a lot of preparation for upcoming projects that still needs to be accomplished. But we are also in hurricane season, and there is a storm coming this way in the next four days. This means there will be a lot of demoing and strapping down material with limited time to do so if we have to evacuate.”

Intervention: “We have been in this situation enough out here where we have seen extreme time pressure because we continue to erect scaffolds when we should have ben preparing for the incoming weather. We brought this up with the customer, and everyone agreed that our priority should definitely be changed until we are better prepared for a storm/evacuation situation.”

The foresight he exhibited about the storm preparations is invaluable to our scaffolding division and deserves recognition. This type of thinking ahead has the potential to save a lot of scaffolding equipment and greatly minimize storm damages on our clients’ assets.


Clay Daugherty

Clay Daugherty joined Danos in 2018 as scaffolding manager. He began his career as a scaffold laborer and then worked offshore as a scaffolding supervisor before serving as a project and operations manager. Daugherty holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Southeastern Louisiana University.


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