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By: Matt Kelso

Danos recently received a letter of commendation for Production Supervisor Richard Rowland from SBM Offshore Production Superintendent Danny Van Jaarsveld. The letter stated that Richard exemplifies the Danos purpose, values, vision, and high performance culture. With people like Richard on our side, it's easy to see that we do it right!

Danny's comments about Richard:

Richard Rowland"Richard and I met 2 years ago in Singapore and from the very first day, I could see that Richard was a person with exceptional experience. He has shared extensive expertise and knowledge with the younger guys, but it was his leadership that the whole crew, including me, respected the most. All these attributes were instrumental to the team’s success during the vessel build, the sail from Singapore to the Gulf of Mexico, and the initial startup of the vessel. Together, we set some great standards for the Turritella production team to follow for the next phase of the project. 

He has met every challenge with integrity and could always be trusted to take care of any process request and task. I always say that even if they take away all the computers, Richard could run this process on manual control. This can only be achieved by knowledge, commitment, and a passion for the process.

There is not a negative thing to say about the guy. He takes his career and professionalism very serious and that is what makes him the greatest man, friend, and supervisor I have ever worked with."

Kind regards,

Daniel Van Jaarsveld
Production Superintendent
FPSO Turritella

Matt Kelso

Matt is currently an account manager in the Production Services Division. He came to work for Danos in 2013 as an operations assistant and was promoted to account manager in 2014. Matt graduated from Nicholls State University in 1998.


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