Leadership Prevents Incident


By: Travis Williams

Historically, crane operation remains one of the most dangerous activities performed offshore. Thanks to the leadership of Danos Crane Operator Jaylan George (pictured left), a potential crane incident was avoided. On Saturday, July 6, Jaylan was in the process of moving equipment on the back deck of the a platform with assistance from a six man construction crew. One of the construction members had a radio; however, Jaylan was not able to understand what was being communicated. He was also getting confused by multiple construction personnel trying to flag where they wanted the equipment to go. He initiated an all stop and met with the construction crew to re-evaluate the lifts. He instructed one construction worker to be the signal man with the radio. Lifting operations resumed without any incident. This is exactly the type of behavior that prevents accidents and injuries. Thank you, Jaylan, for your leadership.

Travis Williams

Account Manager Travis Williams has over 12 years in customer service and sales experience in the oil and gas industry. He began his career with Danos as a material coordinator at the BP PMF in 2013 and currently oversees BHP, Cantium, Enven, Talos and Renaissance accounts.


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