Like Cream Rising to the Top


By: Eugene Rodrigue

2020 continues to bring its trials to the workforce in the BP warehouses. Recently, the teams evacuated for two hurricanes, first with Laura and then with Delta.

The Danos warehouse team on the BP facilities really stood up to the challenges. Most of the time, the warehouse folks are some of the last to leave before the core crew. We are there to satisfy material needs of the technicians during a shut-in of facilities and to tie down and secure the warehouses. The challenging aspect is these warehouses are stand alone. The Danos warehouse team always rises to the task.

Our Danos team goes above and beyond for startup as well. We might not be the first out, but we are right behind the core team, facing the same challenges upon return. We provide all the material needs necessary for startup and putting the warehouse back in operation.

An additional challenge for startup is that we are usually behind schedule on at least two weeks of cargo since shipments are held back during evacuation. This material all needs to be checked in and picked up before the next cargo arrives.

I am proud to say these teams have stepped up and accomplished this task every time and without incident. The folks on Atlantis, Mad Dog, Nakika and Thunder Horse are like cream; they always rise to the top.


Eugene Rodrigue

Eugene “Penguin” Rodrigue is currently deepwater warehouse supervisor for BP. Since joining Danos in 2009, he has been an active leader and mentor to other employees, especially on matters of safety and inventory and warehouse processes.



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