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By: Kathryne Lapeyrouse

In October, our Midland office logged over 100 volunteer hours through Danos WORKS. These employees participated in two tournaments recently that benefited local non-profit organizations in the Permian. However, those employees were not aware that the hours served were eligible to be logged. After doing some research on the organizations, I was happy to help assist our Midland team in getting their time logged through the Danos WORKS volunteer portal.

I am urging employees to reach out to me with any questions on eligibility and Danos WORKS. We have several employees who participate and assist with events and organizations throughout the year, and they are not aware that this time is eligible for our Danos WORKS program. If you are active with your church, if you help assist your children’s activities, if you cooked for a benefit, if you assisted with hurricane clean-up efforts – many of these are actually eligible to be logged with Danos WORKS. If you have any questions, please reach out and ask. We have a team and resources to help verify eligibility.

In addition, if you are unsure of how to get involved but would like to, we have come up with an Employee Volunteer Resource list. You can view current opportunities with non-profit organizations in need by visiting the Danos Foundation website.

If you are involved with an event or organization you are passionate about and would like to have it added to this resource list, just let me know. Thank you to all our employees who are doing BIG things both inside these walls and in your communities. Again, please reach out to me with any questions on logging hours, eligibility or volunteer opportunities.

From left to right: Brian Gray, Juan Torres, Paul Quintero, Heather Thomas and Adrian Lechuga at the West Texas Oilman's "Tee Off For Bynum" Golf Tournament, benefitting Bynum School.

Kathryne Lapeyrouse

Kathryne, better known as Katie, joined Danos in 2018 as a part of the job cost team in project services. She has been involved in the oil & gas industry since 2000. Last year, Katie was asked to serve as chairperson of Danos WORKS. She is also a member of Junior Auxiliary of Houma and serves on the outreach team with Bethany Church.


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