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By: Tara Morvant

Many of you with children who are following the stay-at-home advisory have likely heard the phrase, "I'm bored," at least a thousand times by now. Ryan Callais, human resources assistant, definitely has.

However, last weekend, his 10-year old daughter, Jolie, came up with an idea to not only occupy her time but to also help out during this global crisis. She found an internet video on how to make hand sanitizer and was eager to give it a try. Ryan's wife helped her gather the supplies and ingredients, and Jolie took over from there. Ryan admitted that he was a bit skeptical, but when he arrived home from work his daughter handed him the bottle of hand sanitizer she made. Aside from the professional presentation, she actually made useful hand sanitizer. Ryan was impressed!

At this point, Ryan thought the experiment was over…yeah right, Dad! Jolie asked if she could make more. In his mind, Ryan thought that she wanted to make more so that she could sell a few bottles to family and friends. Boy was he wrong. "She wants to 'give them away to people who need them the most' - her words," shared Ryan.

The Danos Foundation decided to step in to help the cause. Jolie's homemade hand sanitizer will be delivered to headquarters for employees to pick up as needed for their families.

Thank you Ryan and Jolie for making a  #DanosDifference.

Do you know an extraordinary employee or family member who is making an effort to help others during this time? We want to hear about it at

Tara Morvant

Tara Morvant joined Danos in 2019 as the internal communications coordinator. In her role, she develops and executes multi-tiered communication strategies targeting staff and field employees in all domestic and international locations. Tara brings experience in communications and marketing, having previously worked in the gaming, healthcare and oil and gas industries.


Tu || 03-Apr-2020 02:06 PM
Love this story!
Jamie || 03-Apr-2020 01:55 PM
Great story and great kid. You did a good job with her, Ryan!

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