Marco Tavarez Institutes SWA


By: Mark Danos

Danos I&E Technician Marco Tavarez recently received recognition by customer XTO for his use of stop work authority (SWA). The customer stated:

Marco Tavarez issued a stop work authority on the JRU 36 Rambler SWD 1 today. From his experience he noticed that there was something not right happening on location when the transformer was being tested, and he shut down the crew until a subject matter expert arrived on location. XTO greatly appreciates his actions today to stop the work and bring it to XTO’s attention. There is a very real possibility that his actions today saved a life. XTO appreciates his fortitude and actions to keep everyone safe.  

-Kelly Miller, XTO construction foreman


Thank you, Marco, for your bias to action and commitment to safety!

Mark Danos

Mark began his career at Danos in the Larose fabrication shop as a blaster / helper during his high school summers. After a long hiatus from Danos involving a stint at LSU to get his mechanical engineering degree, a year of mission work in Kenya, and 10 years with ExxonMobil doing project work around the world, Mark returned in 2013. Mark is an owner and executive responsible for project services.


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