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After 34 years with Danos, Estimator Mark Webre (left) officially retires on Monday, April 2. For decades, Mark has paired his extensive experience and knowledge with his meticulous and disciplined nature to build cost models and rate schedule templates for our bidding and estimating group. His years of knowledge along with his occasional fishing and hunting tips will be greatly missed. His impact on Danos over the years is best summed up by his colleagues…

John Bigler

Mark Webre was one of the first people I interacted with when I started working for Danos and Curole in 1995. I learned very quickly that the best way to approach Mark was indirectly. Always start with talking about LSU, fishing or hunting, before business.

He has a wealth of knowledge about Danos and is one of the most organized people I have ever met in my life. Mark is so organized that he is retiring on the same date that he started working 34 years ago (April 2, 1984), and he is the last of the eighties staff hires at the company. His attention to detail is amazing, along with his ability to remember things that happened 10 years ago.

Many of the practices used today in the commercial group, were his ideas that came about from the years of experience he has. Not many know this, but Mark has never worn glasses and can read a P&ID to date with ease. Over the years, Mark and my relationship has grown from a professional relationship to where we are personal friends away from work. He always was a great sounding board when it came to kids, family, LSU, fishing, business, etc. Mark’s contributions to Danos during the past 34 years are immeasurable. His co-workers will sorely miss him. I know I will definitely miss our early morning coffee conversations.

Good Luck Mark!!! #MarkHasGoneFishing

Brittney St. Pierre

I met Mark when I joined the commercial group in 2013. If there is one thing I know about him, it is that he loves to hunt, fish, and cook. I have always loved listening to him plan his weekend trips. Of course, I always had to ask, “So, what are you cooking?” Usually, it was his specialties — gumbo or white beans and rice. After hearing many cooking stories, one day Mark surprised me with a container of dove and sausage gumbo. It just might be the best thing I have ever eaten!

Mark has been a great co-worker who has taught me so much. I will miss working with him, our afternoon chats, and hearing about his weekend adventures at the camp!

Marilyn Toups

Mark’s approach to getting things done the right way is unbeatable. Much of our team’s success is due to his skill and hard work. I really appreciate everything he has done, openly and behind the scenes, to make my job easier. I would like to thank Mark for his support, encouragement and for bringing out the potential in me. I appreciate all the good times we shared together in the short while we worked together, but most of all, I will really miss him saying, “Just to let you know”.

Hank Danos

Mark and I worked on rates and bids together in the early days of his career. I knew from our first couple of meetings that this was a guy who could be trusted to get it right. Mark developed his own excellent cost models and rate schedule templates that we would use for bids and negotiations. He was thorough and meticulous. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Thirty-four years later, no change.

It was common practice in those early years to negotiate rate changes with customers. I always felt prepared and armed with accurate information. When we were busy, Mark would work long hours, weekends and whatever it took to get our bids in on time and accurate.

He has shared much knowledge with me over the years, including some useful hunting and fishing techniques! His approach to any anything he did was consistent, disciplined and thorough. Lots of things have changed during the last thirty-four years here at Danos but some things have not; Mark Webre’s commitment to excellence, his desire to win, and his never quit attitude. These qualities have been a hallmark of Mark’s from day one to today. Mark is an example that I would hold up to any Danos employee…”Be like Mark!”

Thank you, Mark, for your years of service to the company. We wish you the best in your retirement!

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