Permian Safety Pulse


By: John Able

On April 21, a meeting was held with all Permian project site supervisors, foremen and safety techs. The meeting addressed how we can improve our safety culture and particularly, how to properly perform a JSEA.

Here in the Permian Basin, it is very easy to get caught up in the environment and the habits of those around us. This meeting was held to remind our team of the safety culture our company is known and respected for. This was a very beneficial meeting held by both operations and safety with participation by all in attendance. Management led the meeting, but it was very interactive involving all the different supervisors and safety techs. The room was set up to allow participation while holding to the boundaries of social distancing.



John Able

John is safety manager of shale safety in Midland. Before joining Danos in 2013, he was a flight medic. He is a retired firefighter paramedic and loves spending lots of time with his family hauling his son to rodeos across Texas, and New Mexico.


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