Nearby Vessel Taking On Water


By: Seth Duhon

Recently, Production Operator Greg Johnston, Jr. heard a “Mayday” call come across the radio at 2 a.m. from a jack-up boat that was in the area servicing a different platform. The boat was experiencing a sudden leg malfunction, causing it to take on water.

Greg dispatched three boats working in the area to assist in the recovery of 15 personnel. Despite several setbacks, like being unable to launch an emergency life float, Greg’s quick response and bias to action ensured that all personnel were unharmed. Although he was not working on the platform needing help, his bias to action ensured the safety of all involved.

Seth Duhon

Seth Duhon has over 9 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, most of which has been in production operation and compliance. Prior to his oil and gas career, Seth was active duty for 7 years as a munition systems specialist for the United States Air Force. He began his Danos career in 2013 on a Chevron contract and is now an account manager for Fieldwood Energy.


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