Norman Roggasch Exceeds Expectations


By: Matt Schexnayder

Danos customer Shell recently sent the below compliment for Operations Assistant Norman Roggasch:

We are around the six-month mark since Norman has been assigned to report to me. He is absolutely exceeding any and all expectations that I had for him. He goes way above and beyond his normal duties and workload. Never has he indicated that he is overloaded, although I know he is at times. He manages his work carefully but not to impact his work-life balance, which is my measure of success on how someone is handling “too much on their plate.”

Many of my peers call upon him for assistance, and the answer is always, “Yes I can help.” Norman is willing to adjust his schedule to assist the folks offshore for face-to-face training and consultation sessions. This does not go unnoticed in the office by me, my peers or senior leadership. Having him as part of my team has definitely made a positive impact for our business.

What a tremendous compliment! Great job, Norman. Thank you for being Passionate About Winning and living our value of Service.


Matt Schexnayder

Senior Account Manager Matt Schexnayder began his career at Danos in 2012 as a personnel coordinator. Shortly after coming onboard, he took an overseas assignment in West Africa to manage the account for Noble Energy. Upon relocating to Danos HQ in 2016, Matt was assigned to the Shell account. Matt has a master's degree from Southeastern Louisiana University in health & kinesiology with concentration sports management.


Kermit Menard || 25-Jun-2021 07:12 PM
They defiantly have this one right! Norm is just being Norm you can always count on him when you need help with something. I know in the past when we both worked offshore in materials if I needed anytime he was always willing to lend a hand and stay with it ubtil we had it sorted out.

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