Nothing But Respect and Professionalism at BHP


By: Josh Gravois

The Danos team working for BHP shorebase received high praise from the customer for their performance. Jason Boura, shorebase supervisor for BHP GOM, said the crew made his job easy, and they showed, “nothing but respect and professionalism.” He said:

I was able to get to know these guys personally as well. Please pass on my gratitude on their character and behavior. This is a great group of guys that you and Danos should be proud of, because they represented your company well.

A few guys especially - Michael Rose (structural welder) wore his heart on his sleeve. He understood the importance of this project and was so proud to be working to support his children and most importantly his grandchildren. Straight business, but humble.

Donna Conner (structural welder) was completely genuine and had nothing but appreciation for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Henry Ryan (construction superintendant) is a straight up supervisor in my opinion. He held his head high and offered support… great guy.

Shawn Bourque (crane operator) is a character but took pride in his obligations.

Both Jessie Gathe (blaster painter) and Jenson Redmon (pipe welder) were to themselves, but extremely respectful and professional.

Jason Henricksen (structural welder) —dude was amazing. Witness him express to the caterers how much he appreciated the amazing food and their hard work. You don’t see that often.

Paul Tillman (rigger) is family oriented and was real. He’s not there to play games, but he respected all his coworkers.

I could go on about all these individuals like Michael Aaron (rigger), Cullen Bourgeois (rigger), Brian Hancock (pipe fitter), etc.

Danos should be proud of these guys: hard workers, great attitude and earned my respect.


Josh Gravois

Josh graduated with a bachelor's degree in construction management from LSU in 2002. He has worked in the oilfield since 2010 and at Danos as a construction & scaffolding project manager since 2013. Josh enjoys LSU sports, the outdoors, rib-eye steaks and spending time with his family.


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