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Passion for Safety


By: Mark King

BP PMF leadership recently recognized Equipment Operator Dale Ledet Jr. for his ability to adapt and respond positively to continuous process changes. He was also commended for being a vocal leader when these processes have opportunities to be updated to meet its original intent.

BP PMF HSE Site Lead Alvin Narcisse Jr. acknowledged Dale’s abilities by saying, “Dale has not only voiced his concerns, but he has also proposed solutions for us to increase efficiencies in a thoughtful, safe way. He has taken full ownership of his designated area which is considered one of the most hazardous areas on the facility and has continually made improvements to the loading/offloading zone to ensure the safe loading/offloading in the area. He has constructed additional barriers between zones 1 and 2, increasing the safety factors by further isolating the zones from one another. Dale took on this project on his own due to his passion towards safety."

BP PMF Materials Manager Mark Doiron added, “The PMF is considered one of BP’s top performing sites world-wide and for some people that may be good enough. But when you’re the top performer and keep looking for ways to improve, that shows an increased commitment to customer service. We recently challenged Dale to look even harder at what we do, and he responded tremendously.”

Alvin Narcisse acknowledged that, “Since the process change on the facility, Dale has been involved with a significantly higher rate of stop work authority and was recently recognized by BP regional managers as the expectation they would like to see from all sites. A lot of safety management comes naturally to Dale, and this makes him a highly-valued employee.”

Mark King

As Senior Account Manager BP-GoM Operations, Mark manages all production workforce labor at all BP offshore and land locations.  Mark is a graduate of Louisiana State University and holds a BS in kinesiology.  He joined Danos in 2012.        


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