Protecting Danos Assets


By: Mark Theriot

Mike Allen, Marcellus production specialist, received a notification in the mail January 4, 2019, from the Township of Neville in Pennsylvania stating that there was a fine pending on a company vehicle belonging to Danos. This fine was originally issued two months prior in October 2018. The employee who received the fine is no longer employed with Danos, so Mike arranged a meeting with the city court prosecutor, explained the situation and negotiated the fine to be reduced to the original value. Mike then paid the fine out of his own pocket to keep good standing with the city and avoid any liens on the vehicle registration. Mike took personal ownership of this issue and ensured the integrity of Danos’ asset remained unblemished.

Mark Theriot

Mark joined Danos in 2014 as a production specialist.  He has over 20+ years of oil and gas experience serving the greater part of his career as a production operator and BSEE inspector.  As a production specialist, Mark serves as a subject matter expert in BSEE regulation and specializes in inspection, hazard identification, offshore safety systems, and field employee assessments.


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